Concise Advice

Each book in this smart and stylish series contains simple ideas, tips and visual guides to help readers make sense of hot topics. The series addresses the various challenges that one faces in daily working life. Topics include storytelling, strategic thinking, successful networking and presenting. Concise Advice expert-authors dissect, simplify and explain topics to help readers make more of an impact in business, future-proof their work, become more mindful or just get through more tasks each day.

Each book is short, snappy and easy-to-read, yet bursting with instantly actionable takeaways. The topics have been carefully selected to form a collection of thought-provoking, yet practical guides that will make a vital addition to any savvy business person’s briefcase, handbag, bookcase or board room. The series is stylish and elegant in design, based on the famous Moleskin notebook format. It makes a great gift as a single item or an entire series.

Concise Tip of the Week

“The ability to rapidly let go of irritations is crucial for our attitude health and sustained personal impact.”

Simon Tyler, The Attitude Book, Author


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