The Financial Wellbeing Book_COVER


  • Publisher: LID Publishing
  • ISBN:978-1910649527
  • FORMAT: 180 x 120mm
  • Bookbinding: Hardback
  • Number of pages: 164

Creating Financial Peace of Mind

One of the biggest enemies of our general wellbeing is stress; and one of the biggest causes of stress is concern about money. This book provides a simple and practical guide to planning your daily and long-term finances by understanding your objectives and motivations. In doing so, it offers respite from the anxiety and stress caused by money problems. The author, an experienced financial adviser, argues that the key to financial wellbeing is to “know thyself” in order to allow decisions to be made, and to ensure those decisions are the rights ones for you. This is underpinned by having control of your daily finances, the ability to cope with a financial shock, to be able to have options in life, to have identifiable goals and a clear path to achieve them, and to ensure clarity and security for those we leave behind.

Author: Chris Budd


Avoid stress and anxiety in your life by developing financial wellbeing.

  • A practical and simple framework to help anyone take control of their finances.
  • Written by an experienced financial adviser with a realistic view on life.
  • This is a book with huge appeal – money and finance is a daily concern for almost everyone
  • All proceeds from this book will go to the Penny Brohn Cancer Centre in Bristol