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Concise Advice released in Dutch

To celebrate the series expanding into Dutch, here’s an exclusive interview with Robert Van Beek, editor and publisher of Concise Advice in the Netherlands.

What attracted you to the Concise Advice Series?

I travel frequently to the UK for business, and I would buy the books for myself at airports. I was attracted to the format and being very visual-minded, I started collecting the complete series!

Which titles have been translated?

So far we’ve translated The Visual Communications Books, The Financial Wellbeing Book, and The Productivity Habits Book. Next to come are The Diagrams Book and The Brain Book.

What is it about the series that appeals to a Dutch audience?

They’re easily readable, have lots of visuals, and discuss trendy themes about business and personal growth. And of course, a lot of Dutch students and business owners love to learn thoughtful insights from UK authors, to get a better understanding of all things happening in their own lives.

Do you have a favorite title out of the series?

That is a hard one, I’ve got several favourites! Firstly The Financial Wellbeing Book, it simplifies the complex world of financial planning and decisions. Since I have a special interest in behaviour, The Brain Book. And to make my list complete, there’s also The Diagrams Book, The Smart Thinking Book, and The Visual Communications Book.

Find out more about the Concise Advice books here

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Concise Advice Newsletter

oie_oie_overlay-10LAB UPDATE:

Here in the C.A Lab we’ve been experimenting with a variety of different concoctions and think we’re finally on to a winner… So as of 19th April, the third Tuesday of every month will now play host to the hotly anticipated Concise Advice Newsletter.

We’ve teamed up with our fabulous authors to bring you the best of Concise Advice straight to your inboxes, each month.

If we’ve done our calculations correctly, the C.A Newsletter should share with you; new releases and upcoming events, as well as some exclusive one minute masterclasses specially designed for fans of the series.

You can subscribe to this here. Enjoy!

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LID Publishing is proud to be hosting the first Concise Advice Lab mixer on December 8th at CrowdShed, to celebrate the success of the Concise Advice book series. Each book in the series is short, snappy and easy-to-read, yet bursting with instantly actionable takeaways.

The topics have been carefully selected to form a collection of thought-provoking, yet practical guides that will make a vital addition to any savvy businessperson’s briefcase, handbag, bookcase or boardroom. The series is stylish and elegant in design, based on the famous Moleskin notebook format. It makes a great gift as a single item or an entire series of 10.

The evening will consist of a number of short presentations from each Concise Advice author, followed by drinks, canapés and the chance to mingle and get into the cheerful holiday spirit!

To join us please RSVP to tasneem.mahmoud@lidpublishing.com

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